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The Falcon Mint is a proud
sponsor of Our United
States Military and
Armed Forces. We die
strike medallions for
all divisions of the Armed
Forces of the United States
of America.

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Stock Dies

The Falcon Mint has stock dies on hand for custom minting. If you would like to use one or more of our dies, in addition to your custom die, there will be a basic charge. The medallions on this page are just a few of the stock dies we offer. Please contact your representative for more information about the designs.

Click the respective links to see the stock dies we have available in that size:


Some of Our Favorite Stock Dies

Second Place Softball Million Dollar Club VIP Recognition
  Thank You Service Award  

Custom Die Charges

If a custom design is chosen for one or both sides of the medallion a die must be created. The same size of die can be used for both medallions, keytags & extended loop medallions. The production time for each new die is approximately 3 weeks. Please contact your representative for more information on creating your own custom dies.

The Falcon Mint is a division of Collegiate Pride, Inc.