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The Falcon Mint is a proud
sponsor of Our United
States Military and
Armed Forces. We die
strike medallions for
all divisions of the Armed
Forces of the United States
of America.

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Adding color is a great way to increase the appeal of our medallion. Based on the artwork, dies can be cut to allow for specific areas to be hand-painted in rich, vibrant colors of your choosing. We can even match Pantone (PMS) colors for you.


A protective clearcoat can be applied to add durability to your medallion. Applying clearcoat to an enameled keytag protects the hand painted colors from expected wear and tear.

24K Select Gold

Adding 24k gold plating to specific areas of a .999 fine silver or nickel plated medallion creates a very attractive and appealing look. The size of the medallion may limit the area that can be plated.


We do numbering on the rim and also on a number bar designed and cut into your die. Making custom coins a limited edition is a unique idea to add value to your pieces.

Diamond Faceting

We offer Diamond Faceting on almost any coin at a very competitive rate. This is a very special, one of a kind touch you can add to your coins to give them that little something something extra.

The Falcon Mint is a division of Collegiate Pride, Inc.