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We can convert your black
and white camera-ready art
or we will happy to provide
art services at an additional

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Finishing Touches  

Creating the Artwork

  Our in-house art and design team prepares the artwork based on the customer’s specifications using the latest computer technology and skilled craftsmen. After final approval, it is converted into the necessary format for our die
engraving machines.

Cutting & Preparing the Dies

  Our cutting machines cut the art designs into correct size die blocks made of D2 Steel.

The die blocks are heat treated to strengthen the steel. The surface of the die where the design is located is then polished and prepared for striking.


  The blanks are made from strips/rolls of raw material. These are then run through a punch designated with the correct size for the new

Striking the Medallions

  The dies are set in the press and and then the blank is struck
producing the desired medallion.

Creative Options

  Creative options such as hand-
painting each medallion can be done to enhance the appearance and capture very tiny details of the design.

The Custom Medallion

  It is our pleasure to produce a custom piece that can offer so much and will last the test of time!

The Falcon Mint is a division of Collegiate Pride, Inc.